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Give Lively is an initiative started by two prominent philanthropists in the USA. The mission really is to support social businesses with professional software. That gets them going and to focus on what truly matters. Starting in 2017, Give Lively is rapidly growing as a platform for social businesses to provide fundraising tools. Those tools are completely for free.

Fundraising is crucial for most social projects to start and support growth of social impact. Give Lively founders realized that social projects spend so much time and money for fundraising that they lack the time to focus on their core capabilities. With that idea in mind, the created Give Lively that basically provides a set of tools for fundraising and outreach completely free of cost forever.

Behind the idea

I spoke to the Give Lively communications manager Molly Trerotola.  She gave me a deeper insight about what makes Give Lively so special. To begin with, the initiative is fairly new and just started in 2017. The platform offers free access to the tools they developed for fundraising and even ticketing purposes. The only thing social entrepreneurs need to do is to sign up for it. To use it you need to be a US-based social business that is registered as a 503 non-profit. Then you can use the full range of tools to make your social projects work. Give Lively’s mission is to accelerate social entrepreneurs. They enable them to have social impact without needing to worry about the tools behind it.

The organization quickly realized that costs for technology are one of the big roadblocks on the way to social impact. To relieve that pain Give Lively has its own IT team and developed powerful tools to get new and established social projects the upwind they needed.

One great story of Give Lively’s value was when Hurricane Harvey hit the USA helpers in the communities utilized Give Lively’s fundraising tools to rapidly gather funds to support the people in need of help. There are so many great organizations out there. Give Lively is one of them!

Today, Give Lively supports over 2000 social projects all over the USA. Also, feel free to tune in to the podcast and learn also from Molly’s background and how she got involved in Give Lively.

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