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Women leadership and entrepreneurial transformation in Uruguay

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The superficial small talk in the South of the USA does bother me at times. Sometimes we just need a person that electrifies us. I guess we all look for those moments at times. A moment when things make sense, when you uncontrollably laugh and when you feel empowered to do the right things. Let me welcome Maca Botta.

Uruguay’s future leadership. Energetic, humble and relentless to give in. A role model for women all over the world.

Educator, entrepreneur, and mind-shifter

Maca is a source of inspiration and the spark of transformation. When I visited Uruguay for the first time in 2018, I experienced a country hungry for more. More respect, more challenge, more impact. Actually, Uruguay is the small neighbor of Argentina and Brasil but the country overwhelms their big brothers with a functioning business sector, a strong education scheme and a non-corrupt and solid government. Not everything looks as good as gold but things are developing well. Especially young Uruguayans set out to create their own successful businesses. That trend is driven by inspiring young leaders such as Maca.

Maca is one of those young Uruguayans who was keen to venture out on her own against discouragement from her grandma, “She thought I am crazy”. Nowadays, she is also a teacher at one of the prime universities in the country where she shares her past experiences and empowers others to get started. She is the person that universities need to really encourage young talents to try their ideas in the real world.

Cowork, healthcare, government… what!

Initially, she worked in the banking sector. In 2014, Maca was ready for a change. With the first coworking space in Uruguay ever Maca had the vision to give young Uruguayans the right network and professional environment where they can strive. After successfully integrating the coworking space in Montevideo she ventured into digitalization with a startup in the healthcare sector with the overall goal to make medical services more accessible to everyone. As if that would not be enough she is also a freelance project manager working with the Uruguayan government and private companies in empowerment workshops.

Before our conversation, I literally thought she is a 4-armed AI monster. It turned out that Maca is just a very driven person who doesn’t waste a single second pursuing her goals. Exemplary for her work ethics are the little post its that she uses to keep her going.

Maca’s desk with the visualization of her to do list. One step closer every. day!

Women leadership

She is just someone that doesn’t give in easily. Recently, Maca was part of a 3-week women entrepreneurship training in the USA. The program is supported by the US government and brought 41 female entrepreneurs from all over the world together. Split up in different groups the female leaders visited a variety of US cities, ventured out into workshops meeting local decision makers and collaborated for future social business success. I realized that one of Maca’s core ideas is the pursuit to find something that you truly love to do. Moreover, you are then able to access support once you know what it is that makes you wake up in the morning.

For me, it was incredible realizing how powerful that network building event was. Maca carried that energy all the way to Montevideo where she is keen to convince more women to take responsibility in business, government, non-profits, etc. Personally, I cannot agree more to that. We need a more diverse workforce and more female leadership not only in Uruguay but in the USA, in Europe and all over the world. Our journey just started and I am curious about Maca’s podcast talking to female leaders all over the world.

If you’re interested in women in technology join Grace Hopper Celebration for next year. Do share other events in the comment section around the world that empower women in leadership!


29th October 2018, Miami, USA

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