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Slow Fashion from Denmark

It started with a cup of tea

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Why aren’t we honest with ourselves? Sometimes I catch myself doing things that I know are not good for me and for the people around me. So why do we keep doing it? I feel it is about realizing who we really are. The two founders Lotte and Jeanette from Nord by Nord went through that process of self-realization. Please tune in to the podcast above to get a feeling of the change of mindset they experienced on their journey.

The journey is about hate and love as much as it is about ups and downs. The journey took them all the way from the UK to Denmark to Canada and back to Denmark. It includes breakdowns and miraculous revivals. It could be already a book but their story just begins. At a tea party in the UK, it all started. Funnily enough, they never met in Denmark before.

Nord by Nord is a Danish designer team embracing the ideas of slow fashion.

3 Countries, 1 goal, slow fashion

Lotte and Jeanette are completely different from their character but their passion unifies them. The desire to create slow fashion. So let’s hold on for a minute. What is slow fashion? In a nutshell, it is the opposite of what Zara and H&M do. Fast cycles of new clothes that are thrown away as quickly as they arrived in stores. Slow fashion tries to create timeless designs that are built to last. Check out the products of Lotte and Jeanette to get an idea (they ship internationally).

Still in their entrepreneurship studies today they went a semester to Canada in 2017. A period when they spend night and day together really building a strong relationship. I guess it was a lot of fighting and quarrel but it helped to build a trusting relationship. Lotte was just back up from her alcohol abuse that dragged her deeper into nowhere. Jeanette was fighting with her hyper-controlling behavior. Her introspective in the podcast shows how anxiety changes us. Listening to their honest stories was truly mind-opening.

Also, please check out their new video they just created this week!

From Zero to London Fashion Week

Starting with leftover leather and fur, they created products that were at best laughable. But what always was there was their vision; the ambition to change the way we think about fashion with the will to give consumers a choice to buy environmentally friendly products. Also, Lotte is eager to bring her ideas to developing countries such as Cambodia. Apart from their vision, the continuous support from their network was a deciding factor why they kept pursuing their goal. Fortunately, in Canada Lotte received an email from Vanity Fair and slowly things started to pick up steam. Another feature in the Vogue followed. Even the London Fashion Week invited them to showcase their products and their ideas about slow fashion.

One step closer every day

Lotte still crashes every day in her co-working office space. Things are not as good as gold yet. However, a whole new world opened up since they first met in 2015. They are one of the 10 nominees for this year’s Design Talent award at the Danish Entrepreneurship Award Ceremony. A lot of other opportunities are also just emerging as the two move on into a still undefined but bright future.

Have a look at the beautiful slow fashion that they created in their shop.


28th November Munich, Germany

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